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December 2015 once again gave the Songsters the opportunity to witness to Christ's birth in town, and we were really pleased at the number of busy shoppers who stopped to listen (and often sing along!) 


On Saturday the 22nd June the brigade hosted a Sing-Along-A-Joseph event. A chance to dress up and sing along with all of the familiar songs.

Even an opportunity to solo "alongside" Jason Donovan (at least in your mind)

On the 17th and 18th May 2014, the brigade was privileged to lead worship at Norwich Citadel. As you may expect, the welcome was warm, and the sunshine was lovely. Our theme for the weekend was His-Story, and the Saturday evening programme took those present  through His-Story from creation to Glory. Songs included, Jubilant Song, Can He Still Feel the Nails, and Great Great Morning. Meetings were led through by our Commanding Officer, Major Mark Sawyer.


The whole weekend was a time of blessing and honour to God for His great creation, and the weekend was aptly  brought to a close with God and God Alone. To Him goes the glory.

Below the brigade opens the Saturday evening programme with Jubilant Song.

More photos can be found here

It was a pleasure and privilege for the Corps and the brigade to host the final weekend of the Sydney Staff Songster Tour of the UK. The Staff Songsters were open and warm, and the joy that they experienced in their worship was clear to see.

The hall was full for the Saturday evening festival, as the songsters raised their voices with their unique blend of gospel music and aussie humour. Their message on Sunday was equally clear and typically down to earth.  Typical comments from the congregation at every event was "I just feel so blessed."

What better compliment could a brigade ask for!

God bless the brigade wherever you go, and safe journey home.

Saturday 7th December was the day of our annual Charity Concert. This year it was on behalf of the Children's Society, and we were looking forward to a great evening. Our guests were to be vocal soloist Susanna Offor and trumpet soloist David Scott. Unfortunately Susanna was ill on the day, however Anthony Harris stepped into the breach. Anthony is a wonderful tenor and made the evening go with a real dingdong! with his choice of festive songs and his ability to tell a story through his music, he had the audience swaying and singing along.

David is an accomplished trumpeter, which he ably showed with pieces including Concert etude and Zelda. He also brought a festive feel with his medley on ballets.

The songsters supported of course, with pieces including the uplifting Sing Gloria, and the beautiful, Sing Lullaby. This year we were also supported by the Chelmsford Band, who brought a brightness to the proceedings with Three King Swing, complete with Saxophone soloist, and Frosty the Snowman, played by our own Eflat Tuba man Garry Smith.

The evening was brought to a rousing end with the entire audience singing the Hallelujah Chorus. What a great evening!!

The final rehearsal, before the summer break was given over to one of the brigade's Sing and Study evenings. It seems appropriate that the last thing the brigade did, before taking a well earned rest, was to study God's word together.

 Our chosen song on this occasion was the moving "Your Grace Still Amazes Me", and as you would imagine, our study was around God's wonderful, all encompassing grace.

As usual, the event was open to guests, and it was encouraging that so many chose to join with us, to sing the song, and look into its deeper meaning.


Photo's right - Songster leader Joanne McIntosh with "Happy Hands", one of the small groups in discussion and study, and (far right) The brigade and friends in full voice.


Christmas got off to a great start on Saturday 1st December 2012 with a charity concert arranged by the brigade. We were pleased to be joined by the Chelmsford Citadel Band and special guests The Great British Barbershop Boys (pictured left).  The music of the evening ranged from classic to modern from Gaudete and Trepak through Rutter's Candle light Carol to Great, Great Joy.  Through everything, the Christmas message was central to the evening, and over 1400 was raised for the Special Care Baby Unit at the local hospital.
The brigade enjoyed a great Saturday at Great Yarmouth on the 30th June.

The festivities started with an open- air concert in the afternoon, where a number of the corps week day customers seemed to enjoy the music.

The Saturday evening festival was supported by the local corps band, with a few songsters playing along.

Soloists included Sarah Holden, Chris Hull, and John Hull.

The evening was led through by Richard McIntosh.


Sunday the 8th of July was a day of mixed emotions for the corps at Chelmsford. We celebrated three years of leadership by Majors Derek and Susan Jones, but on the minus side we were also saying adieu as they head off to become Divisional Commanders of the Mid and South Wales division.

Thanks Derek and Sue. Please be assured of our prayers as you move to your new role.

aDSC_0741.JPG (2262839 bytes)

Light Fingered Freddy aka Songster Michael Hardy 

On Saturday 3rd March, the brigade was excited wend its way to the sunny south coast, to visit the corps as Boscombe for the weekend.  "Sunny" proved to be a bit misleading, at least as far as the weather was concerned, but the welcome from the corps there was certainly sunny!  With help from Carl Carter on the piano and the weekend got off to a bright start.   aDSC_0735.JPG (2604887 bytes)

Any Songster programme is limited by the quality of its accompanists - and we were fortunate to have Carl Carter (Piano) Simon Hull (bass) and Daniel Schultz (percussion)

The weekend was led by our own Commanding Officer (Major Sue Jones), and the Saturday evening included a varied selection of songs, as well a cornet solo from Songster Chris Hull, while the second half of  the programme was a tribute to retired Generals John Gowans and John Larson. aDSC_0780.JPG (2666513 bytes)

The massed brigades in full voice - I Dare To Be Different

Sunday was a day of worship and spiritual uplift. The meetings were again led by Major Sue Jones, with contributions from the songsters and the Boscombe Junior and Senior bands.  their contributions were both sensitive and complementary to the message of the songsters and added a lot to the day.

Here's a link to some more photo's of the weekend 

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