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Songster Leader at Chelmsford since September 2007, Joanne has always enjoyed singing. She has been a member of Chelmsford Corps her whole life, and has always played a full and active part in the corps, through being a member of the Singing Company and YP Band, and later the Corps Cadets, and the senior sections.  On leaving school, she studied at the Colchester Institute to attain a BA(Hons) in music, and then trained to be a primary school teacher. Jo now teaches in a primary school in Basildon, Essex .  She was the Singing Company Leader at Chelmsford from 2003-2007, until agreeing to a "career move" to Songster Leader.  She was also a member of the International Staff Songsters  from January 2000 until December 2008. Jo is married to Richard, who is also a primary school teacher, and they have two very cute and smiley sons (Benjamin & Oliver).  With parents like these, they're bound to have a great set of lungs, and a wonderful smile.

E-mail Joanne: Joanne@chelmsfordsongsters.org.uk

Elizabeth Holden is the brigade's songster secretary. She is  responsible for the logistics and finances of the brigade.  

Please contact her if you would like to find out more about arranging a visit by the brigade.

E-mail them atsecretary@chelmsfordsongsters.org.uk




Unusually, the brigade has a team of three "sergeants" who are jointly responsible for the spiritual welfare and deportment of the brigade. They are: Joan Simons, Ian Scott and Major Margaret Hardy.



Phil Drake is the brigade librarian, and has the unenviable task of maintaining our huge library of music in order, so that it is available at call.

The musicians who accompany the brigade, vary with the music, but will generally include, piano, percussion, string bass or  electric bass and sometimes keyboards, and trumpet.

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Salvation Army Citadel, Chelmsford


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